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We are pleased to have helped the community around asthmatic cats become richer and better able to understand and treat our pets.

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Fritz enjoys receiving email, and his secretaries, Kathryn and James, appreciate the encouragement, ideas for site improvement, and words of thanks, some of the latter are shared here. Other pages in this section include contact information for the creators of Fritz the Brave.com, plus Fritz' personal story.


Diabetic helped with Inhaled Medication

My cat had developed diabetes from the Prednisone and depo shots for asthma. Anyway, since being off the steroids (since 11/02), and with a short time on insulin, she is back to normal blood glucose levels. She has not had a shot of insulin since 2/28/03! Also, I went and purchased the AeroKat® and albuterol, with the blessings of my vet, and she had been doing great! She has never been this long off any steroid based medications, and the albuterol seems to catch the cough and deal with it.

Asthma - on four legs and two

Hi there! This is kimlovescats from Pet Talk. I just visited Fritz's website, what a gorgeous boy he is! It is just amazing how kitties can suffer from the same ailments as we do, and now even receive the same treatment. I suffer from allergy induced asthma myself, as does my 14 year old daughter. We both use the albuterol inhaler with an AeroChamber®! Thanks for the information, and a delightful web visit! Kim & Kitties

Support and Encouragement from Veterinarians

  • Love your website. I am a feline practitioner in Alexandria, VA. I refer all my asthmatic patients to your site. Thanks, Lynn Gulledge DVM, Diplomate American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Certified in Feline Practice (Website)
  • I am veterinarian, and I just read about this disease. I was lucky when I discovered Fritz's Feline asthma site. I am from Saudi Arabia, Best regards.
  • This is the best all-round Web site for feline asthma. Although designed primarily for clients, it has invaluable information for veterinary professionals. Dr. B. Marcucci, Veterinary Technician Journal Dec. 2004
  • I will be glad to add inhalant therapy with Flovent etc to the possible treatment outline and to link to your site, Roger Ross DVM
  • Love your website! I plan to send my future asthma patients to it for support. Fondly, Dr. Wallace, DVM
  • Hi, I am a feline-only veterinarian in Arlington, VA. I am very impressed with your web site and will make sure that my clients use it as a reference. Keep up the good work and thanks for putting together such a great web site. Marcus G. Brown, DVM
  • Hello Fritz, I'm glad to learn about you on your website and find that you are doing so well. I teach an on-line Animal Medicine course in the Veterinary Technology program at Manor College in Jenkintown, PA. Would it was ok if I put a link to your site in my on-line notes? My last lecture this year covers Feline Asthma and I find your website to be a great summary of the disease as well as containing several helpful links. Thanks for the great site and for your consideration. Sincerely, Mary Ann Seagren, DVM
  • I am writing to once again thank you and your husband for the work on the website. We get lots of feedback. And for the AeroKat® work which has become the first line of treatment now in our asthmatic kitties. I am taking an online course through VIN (Veterinary Information Network) which last week was feline pulmonary medicine. One of the slides that was presented showed you administering the medication to Fritz and I thought it important to let you know the contribution you've made. Hope that this year is good to you all. Sincerely, Randall Ulrich DVM
  • I am a veterinarian from Poland, Europe. My field of interest is cardiology and respiratory disorders. A lot of my patients are cats with asthma and coughing dogs. Actually I am writing an article concerning respiratory problems especially cough in dogs and cats. Not so far ago I have found possibility of new method of treatment using the inhaled drugs. Normally we use aminophylline drops and steroid given orally or by injection. During my web search I have found site. It is really interesting. Now I am starting to explore it. Best regards, Rafal Niziolek, DVM, Warsaw, Poland
  • Thanks so very much for being so dedicated and so good at this. My best, Philip Padrid DVM

Cat Lovers Speak the All Languages

Hello! We have enjoyed your site and we've appreciated the information you've provided the asthmatic feline community. I just think that what you are doing is so valuable that people in Spain and Latin America would also be interested in the data and information. [note: we've added the BableFish® feature for multi-language translation. Thanks for the tip!]

Creative Animal Advocacy is Everywhere

Hi, We wanted to do a short feature on Fritz and his fantastic web site in our news section on The Pet Project Website. Not only is Fritz a beauty but we believe the information on his site could be helpful to cat owners. Thanks and Regards, Anita The Pet Project (Website) Pet Radio (Website)

Combined Illnesses Challenge

Hello Fritz and your dedicated parents, I am thrilled to have found this site -- my 20 lb BooBoo kitty has been coughing for a week and was diagnosed with mild heart condition and pulmonary disease. I greatly appreciate the solid info and experience shown on your site. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Information Brings Purrs of Hope

Hi Fritz, My name is Oliver and I also have asthma. Thank you very much for all the information you share on your website!! I live with Ken and Cherrie who know many other options for treatments and can ask informed questions while we are there at the veterinarian. That makes them so happy. We were all getting so worried. We didn't know there was so much more hope for me yet!! Thank you so much! Purrs,

Fritz Enjoys Helping Other Cats

Hi, Fritz!! My name is Keno and I am a six year old Chocolate Point Siamese. I was diagnosed with Feline Asthma. My owners are fascinated with your web-site and all the information that they have received from it. We want to thank all of you for the time and dedication that this site has provided. Thanks, Keno.

Vet Tech Gains Info to Help Others

Hi, I really enjoy your web site. It is very useful. I just found out that my cat has asthma. As a vet tech I enjoy researching any medical information I can get. One of the doctors at the hospital I work at gave me your web site. Thanks again.

Success with Inhalers

I would like to thank you for the time you spent to put this website together. I am now using the inhaler for my seal point Siamese Molly and we are thrilled with the success. I had the inhaler but was not successful in using it on her until I saw your website and tried your method. I just want you to know that I appreciate your work. My vet studied under Dr. Padrid at UC Davis and she said he was the expert. Molly sends her loves and purrs to Fritz.

Inspired with the Right Vet

Thank you so much for offering all this asthma info on your site!! The first thing the new vet brought up was inhaled treatments! She is very experienced with all treatments listed on your site. Thank you again for the wealth of info.

Moving Pictures Speak 10,000 Words
  • The video is an excellent teaching tool! You guys and Fritz are amazing!
  • I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you. Your information, the pictures and especially the videos really helped me and my situation with my Hilary. I've watched all your videos. I will be using your towel trick to get my Hilary to take her meds. You helped me a lot!
  • Thank you for this video. In fact the entire site that you have is wonderful and we will recommend it to guardians of asthmatic cats. Kathie Tonnessen, Pres., Communities Altering The Strays (Website)

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