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Resources on the Internet include caregiver discussion groups, personal home pages, veterinary information pages, asthma products, drug monographs and much more.

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Resources: Links

This page offers links for more study into feline asthma and general cat related sites, contact information for Dr. P. Padrid, AeroKat®, asthma treatment products and more. Other pages in this section list documents for further reading.

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Feline Asthma Related Sites

The following website links provide information and support in caring for an asthmatic cat. Please note that some of these pages were written before inhaled medication became common-place or the AeroKat® became the gold standard.

Mar Vista Vet Hospital
Winn Feline Health Foundation
Kingstowne Cat Clinic
Best Friends.org
Pet Education.com
Antech News
Pet Place.Com
World Small Animal Vet Conference
Michigan State Univ.

Feline Asthma Inhaled Medications Yahoo! Discussion Group Experienced caregivers offer ideas specifically related to inhaled medication. Also called FAIM.

Felines Asthma Yahoo! Discussion Group - German/Deutsch. General discussion of all things relating to feline asthma and related respiratory diseases in German.

Asthmakatzen inhalieren Yahoo! Discussion Group - German/Deutsch. Discussion of inhaled medication therapies for feline asthma, in German.

University Veterinary School Resources

Cornell University Feline Health Center includes telephone consultation services, Cat Watch Newsletter, and high-quality feline health videos recommended for both caregivers and veterinarians.

The American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care maintain a listing of veterinarians specially trained and dedicated to treating life-threatening conditions, including respiratory. Listings for USA, Canada, Switzerland and the UK.

Dr. Philip Padrid - Contact Information

Philip Padrid, DVM
Family Pet Animal Hospital,
1401 West Webster Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60614
(773) 935-2311
*NOTE: send self-addressed stamped envelope if requesting response by mail.

Dr. Padrid graduated from Cornell University in 1985 where he received an award in Cardiology. He completed his internship at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital in 1986, residency at UC-Davis Veterinary School in 1988, and a fellowship at UC-Davis Medical School in 1990. Dr. Padrid served for 10 years as an Associate Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. He joined Family Pet full-time in 2003, practicing general veterinary medicine as well as specializing in respiratory medicine.
A sought after keynote speaker at conferences world-wide, Dr. Padrid has published more than 60 peer reviewed articles and book chapters in the human and veterinary literature on the subject of feline asthma and related pulmonary disease in people and small animals.

AeroKat® - Where to Obtain the Feline Aerosol Chamber

Trudell Medical International
725 Third Street
London, Ontario
Canada, N5V 5G4
Telephone: 1-800-465-3296 +1 (519) 455-7060
Fax: +1 (519) 455-6478
Email: aerokat@trudellmed.com
Website: http://www.aerokat.com

UK and European Distributor - BreathEazy Ltd
Jon Slattery MRCVS
BreathEazy Ltd
154 Worcester Road
Worcestershire WR14 1AA
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 870 236 8010
Fax: +44 870 236 8011
Web: www.breatheazy.co.uk

General Information Sites

American Association of Feline Practioners
American Cat Fanciers Association
Cat Fancier's website
Feline Advisory Bureau
Internet Cat Club
Net Vet Veterinary Resources
Pilling Cats - dangers of erosive esophagitis
BCP Veterinary Pharmacy - compounding pharmacy that makes meds into tasty chew treats
Beloved Animals - Animal Advocacy and Links
PetTiles.com, unique, touching gifts to honor our animal friends.
Feline Outreach, charity promoting pet care; donations support financial and educational assistance.

Stormyz Place Non-profit informative site on many animal health issues, including feline asthma
American Animal Hospital Association
Anatomy of the Lungs
RxUSA - a recommended online pharmacy
Shelterpetsink.com Educational site featuring writing & animal rescue
American Holistic Veterinary Association
PetFinder.com National Shelter & Rescue links, lost and found, message board, chat and more. Please adopt!
Pet Over-Population Prevention Advocates
Simon TeaKettle Ink: Mentoring for writers, training, consulting, communications.
Little Draggin' Bear. Check out this loving, inspiring website about this amazing cat and our friend veterinarian in Ashland, Oregon.


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