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Resources include veterinary publication papers, popular magazines and newsletters relating to feline asthma.

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Resources: Further Reading

This page lists articles published regarding feline asthma from various sources around the world. Other pages in the section identify Internet information links.

If you know of any published resource on the topic of feline asthma (magazine, newsletter, veterinary journal, in any media form) from any country, please write us as we'd love to expand the following list. Thanks! 

Articles and Papers for Further Reading

Veterinary Technician, The Complete Journal for the Veterinary Hospital Staff. Special focus: Respiratory Conditions.  Feline Asthma: Causes and Diagnosis, pp. 807-813 & Feline Asthma: Treatment and Prognosis pp. 820-828 by Betty A. Marcucci, VMD, MA. December 2004 Vol. 25, No. 12. Handout for clients with clear instructions for use of inhaled medications.

Cats and Kittens Magazine. Asthma in Cats, Waiting to Inhale, Special Report, by Ian  Hodder, pg.15-16. August 2003. Fritz the Brave featured.

Catnip. A Magazine for Caring Cat Owners. Diagnosis: Asthma by Audrey Pavia. Produced by Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine. August 2003. Vol. 11, No. 8 pp. 7-9. [note: The text of this article is accurate, informative and worth investigation. The photos which accompany it illustrating inhaled medication application should NOT be used as instructional. Please check with your veterinarian for correct administration and safety for both cat and caregiver.]

Cat Fancy Magazine. Take a Deep Breath: Specially designed inhalers help asthmatic cats breathe easier, by Arnold Plotnick, DVM. August 2003. Vol. 46, No. 8 pp.18

The Pet Press-LA. Magazine for Los Angeles Pet Lovers. Feline Asthma, two part series, by Kari Winters. February and March 2004.

CatWatch Newletter: Asthma: Still No Cure For Rare Condition, But Treatments Are Improving. Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine pp. 4-5, November 2001.
Feline Asthma: A Serious Condition. If left untreated, this disease can worsen and claim the life of your cat. by Tom Ewing. Vol. 7, No. 9, September 2003.
For Asthmatic Cats, Relief May Be A Few Puffs Away, Inhalant therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of a tormenting feline affliction, by Tom Ewing. Vol. 9, No. 4. April 2005.

Cat Fancy Magazine. Fighting for Breath by Christy Heitger-Casbon. March 2001.

Dowling, DVM, MS, DACVIM, CACVCP, Patricia M.:Options For Treating Feline Asthma. Veterinary Medicine; May 2001.

Mandelker, Lester, DVM: Experimental Drug Therapy For Respiratory Disorders in Dogs and Cats. Veterinary Clinics of North America; Small Animal Practice, Volume 30, Number 6 pp.1357-1367. November 2000.

Padrid, Philip, DVM: Animal Models of Asthmatic Airway Pathology. Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Annual Symposium. 1998.

Padrid, Philip, RN, DVM: Feline Asthma: Diagnosis and Treatment. Veterinary Clinics of North America; Small Animal Practice, Volume 30, Number 6 pp.1279-1293, November 2000.

[In Polish] Niziolek, Rafel, Lek. wet., Czlonek ESVC: Kaszel - interpretacja kliniczna i terapia. Praktyka Kliniczna. Magazyn Weterynaryjny. vol. 12, nr 80'2003.

[In Dutch] Forster-van Hyfte, Myra Dr. en drs. de Lange, Karen: Astma in de kat, Ventilator biedt uitomst. In Praktijk, Supplement Kat. februari 2002.

Dye JA, McKiernan B, Rozanski EA, et al. Bronchopulmonary disease in the cat. Historical, physical, radiographic, clinicopathologic and pulmonary function evaluation of 24 diseased and 15 healthy subjects. J Vet Intern Med 1996;10 pp.385-400.

Padrid PA. Animal models of asthma. In: The Genetics of Asthma: Lung Biology in Health and Disease. Liggett SB, Meyers DA eds. Marcel Dekker, 1996, 211-233.

Corcoran BM, Foster DJ, Fuentes VL. Feline asthma syndrome: a retrospective study of the clinical presentation in 29 cats. J Small Anim Pract 1995 Nov;36(11) pp.481-488.

Dye J. Feline bronchopulmonary disease. Bet Clin N Am Small Anim Pract 1992, 22 pp.1187-201.

Padrid PA. Chronic lower airway disease in the dog and cat. In: Problems in Veterinary Medicine. Spaulding GL ed. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1992, 4 pp.320-345.

Moise NS, Weidenkeller D, Yeager AE, Blue JT, Scarlett J. Clinical, radiographic, and bronchial cytologic features of cats with bronchial disease: 65 cases (1980-1986). J Am Vet Med Assoc 1989, 194 pp.1476-1473

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