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We're grateful for all the time others have spent to teach us about feline asthma and its treatments. We sincerely wish the best of health to all.

Heartfelt thanks especially to:

  • Dr. Philip Padrid
  • Martin Foley
  • Daphne Demas
  • Dr. Randal Ulrich
  • Rafel Niziolek, DVM
  • The wonderful members of FAIM
  • Kim Massingale for her eagle editing eye
  • Each person who wrote Fritz the Brave to share their story of their own special brave cat companion
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About Us

This page introduces the creators of Fritz the Brave.com. They can be contacted via the Fritz mail link below. Other pages in this section include Fritz' story and site testimonials. 

You may write us via e-mail

Kathryn aka Autumn SeleneKathryn Hopper

A transplanted Canadian, animal lover and advocate, Kathryn has immersed herself in learning about feline asthma and helping others. She's been a member of the Feline Asthma - Inhaled Medication Yahoo group since its inception. Aside from Fritz the Brave! site maintenance and content writing, her current project is completing a feline asthma book to assist caregivers and veterinarians. Notice of its publication and availability will be made here on Fritz the Brave!

She enjoys growing organic vegetables, fruits and flowers, home-canning and cooking. In addition, her other passion has been Middle Eastern "belly" dance and Egyptian drumming since 1995. Formerly teaching this dance form as well as yoga was a real highlight. Her favorite dance teacher and good friend, Saqra, has a fun, informative website with links to others around the country for those interested in learning more about Middle Eastern dance.

In 2003, Kathryn contracted Lyme disease in Oregon from an infected tick. She's working to regain her health and shares what she's learned with others who suffer from this challenging disease. Further reading and links about Lyme can be found at the Oregon Lyme Disease Network, LymeNet, and The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.

She also enjoys hiking, camping and hot springs in the Pacific Northwest with James (and Fritz).

at Loowit CanyonJames Perkins

James brings his familiarity with science, engineering, language, and artistry to the creation of this website.

Rather than answering individual emails about feline asthma, he saw the possibility of sharing what he and Kathryn had learned more widely via a website. The first version of this site was a single web page with a few images. This grew to over a dozen pages with the help of Web Editor software. In this third version, it has blossomed to twice that size using the details listed below.

Weekdays, James is a member of the technical staff of Wind River, he loves his work and has recently helped develop the operating system used by the Mars Rovers and is now working on Linux for embedded computer systems.

On weekends, he's an avid hiker and amateur geologist with a special interest in volcanology. He sets his sights on exploring the many fascinating places of natural beauty the world has to offer. The picture above is just below the crater of Mount St. Helens, Washington, USA. Since 2006 James has extended this interest into backcountry amateur radio, trail maintenance, and the SOLV rivers cleanup.

Other projects he's been involved with on a volunteer basis is with the Portland State University Aerospace Society rocketry and coaching others on keeping Linux servers running around the Internet. In 2003 his paper, Linux and High Power Rocketry, was presented at USENIX.

James never anticipated that partnership with Kathryn also meant sharing the bed with four(!) cats.

Site Technical Details

Fritzthebrave comes to you via the auspices of:

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